About me and why I created this site..

Hi and Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m currently (Feb 2020) a professional pilot contracting for a large commercial airline. I have been flying since the summer of 1999, but professionally since around 2008, first doing light corporate flying and then moving on to the Airlines.

My previous career was in IT, and thankfully I was pretty good at it, but from being a small boy I had always loved aircraft and aviation and It was inevitable that at some point I would be involved with flying.

I’d always wanted to build a website dedicated to aviation, how I got into it and to blog my personal experiences; however I didn’t expect to be dedicating so much time to it so soon.
But life has changed massively, and very quickly thanks to the biggest world emergency I have experienced in my whole life, and as a result, and like a lot of my colleagues, I unfortunately have a lot of free time to put my thoughts to text.

This site will evolve over time, and as a result hopefully improve, but please bear with me as I add content and develop it into what I hope will provide some interesting reading and useful resources for prospective aviators or just those with a love of all things aviation.

I’ve tried to be as objective as possible in my Blog posts but clearly a personal view will inevitably slip in, so if you have any comments, corrections or want further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Interestingly and encouragingly I have been contacted by a number of aviation professionals to post articles on their behalf; only occasionally and anonymously at the moment. I see this as a positive and progressive thing as I want to make my website a forum for aviation discussion, and if a contributor feels the need to post an article that they feel strongly about but don’t feel they can put a name to, then I’d like to give them that platform.

Contact me in the strictest confidence for more information..